VVIP Testimonials

Student Testimonials

I am very happy to say that I am selected as FLIGHT DISPATCHER by SPICE JET Airline. Currently I am posted at Surat Airport. Your extra ordinary training in Flight Dispatch has really helped me in getting job. Thank you very much.

- Capt.Monalisa Parmar

Capt. A. D. Manek Sir, It was my pleasure to be a part of Skyline Aviation Club, Mumbai. It played a role of a stepping stone for me to be a part of Aviation Industry today. I am glad that we have such clubs in India that encourages aviation enthusiasts to rise & fly high in their professions. An initiative to begin with something new & efficient is where you begin you way to Skyline. I am pleased to be the part of your team Capt. A. D. Manek. I wish a very good luck to the future generation of trainees at The Skyline Aviation Club.

- Capt.Himanshu Patel

I am grateful to Sir and Skyline Aviation Club for giving me the wonderful opportunity to teach at Skyline under Manek sirs guidance. Lastly I would like to thank Manek Sir, Skyline Aviation Club and its support staff for just being there whenever I required help I wish Sir and Skyline Aviation Club all the happiness and best of luck for the future!

- Capt.Mukarram Electricwala

I have completed my training and qualified as F.A.A. Commercial Pilot and I am about to get my Indian Commercial Pilot Licence. With your prefect training I was able to complete my Flight Training and passing written exams in shortest possible time and hence I was able to break record of my Flight School. Thank you very much for all.

- Capt. Jignesh Devadhia

To achieve thy goal needs proper guidance for the current rules, regulations and other relevant details. I am happy to say that the required inputs were received from Capt.A.D.Manek of The Skyline Aviation Club. His advise and my determination has resulted in my job as a successful. pilot.

- Capt.Niraj Patel

I have been associated with The Skyline Aviation Club for more than 16 years. My first step into the life of aviation was because of the scholarship given to me by Capt.A.D.Manek - The Skyline Aviation Club.

The club and it's faculty have always been dear to my heart and I congratulate them on their 20th year of success and achievement.

- Capt. Aruna Kandarpa
 First Indian Women Helicopter Pilot

I am proud to be student of The Skyline Aviation Club. With right information and guidance and training I am able to complete 130 hrs of flight training at Fresno, CA, U.S.A. I am really thankful to Capt. A. D. Manek for personally guiding me to obtain education loan of Rs.20,00,000/- from Government of Gujarat.

- Capt.Kritika Parmar

Respected Sir, I am glad to tell you that my studies and trip to USA was a success with your guidance and inspiration! As you know I have received my FAA Flight Dispatcher Licence. So right now I am hungry to get into job and prove and serve myself for Aviation

- Capt.Bradley Verughese Matthew

I began studying at The Skyline Aviation Club detailed way of instructions and the ease with which he explained my quries is remarkable. His extensive knowledge of the FAA instructions and examinations is admirable. A great passion for what he do is visible all around and his teaching standards are excellent. I am now confident I will do very well in my FAA Aire Line Transport Pilot Licence exams.

- Capt. Mervyn Mascarenhas

With the help of your knowledge and your blessings I have successfully completed my Flight Dispatcher license training. I have received my certificates. Mrs. Ana Moreno sends u her regards. My scores are very good and Mark and Ted are both impressed by my hard work and dedication. I am trying to get a job here, but they need an SSN number. My visas are till 20th march, 2012. I will try my best, and if I am lucky I will be reporting you of my progress. I thank you sir from the bottom of my heart for making me capable and a good person in my life.

- Mihir Mistry

Dear Capt.A.D.Manek, It's great to be a part of Skyline Aviation Club family and would specially like to thank you for being a father figure and blend my life professionally. My success is only because of the hardest efforts put in by you.

- Capt.Sagar K Karnik

I, Miss Neelam M.Patel, after graduation joined Skyline Aviation Club for In Flight Management Course, and completed the same within the stipulated time. During the tenure of the course, I received precious informative global knowledge, instruction resulting in my selection as an Air Hostess of Air India Ltd. I would like o thank Capt.A.D.Manek and all the instructors for their co-operation and valuable informative knowledge passed on to me for which I am grateful to The Skyline Aviation Club

- Neelam Patel